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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 11, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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the fourth attack so far--- in the same area. good afternoon, another sea lion attack. a woman bitten while taking her morning swim at aquatic park. the fourth in the same area. good afternoon.
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the woman was rescued by a retired paramedic who was swimming there. jackie ward on the what the city is going to do with this recurring problem. >> reporter: this is the fourth incident involving a sea lion in a matter of months. the first time someone was gummed and now this is the third time someone has been bitten. just before 7 a.m., irene a well-known swimmer at the south end rowing club was bitten by a sea lion. >> it's like meat hanging out on the side of her leg and stuff here and, um, but it was a pretty good bite. >> reporter: the carpenter is working on a nearby dock and saw irene getting pulled to shore. >> it was dark at that time in the morning. it got her and it was like she was in shock. >> reporter: alice was swimming nearby and heard irene call for help. she was one of the first swimmers to reach her and began guiding her to shore, about a quarter mile away. >> i said, do you want me to pull you in? she said no, no. i can swim by myself. i just can't kick.
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it looked like the sea lion had bitter on both sides. the sea lion had clamped down on her and bit her and pulled. >> near what we callthe jacuzzi, a circular area there and tides swirl around there. >> reporter: the national park service says that's the exact spot swimmers have gotten bitten twice prior to today. a declining herring population over five years is to blame and nts says they noticed sea lions more territorial over feeding zones. that so-called jacuzzi is one of those zones. the national park service has kept this area open for now. but that may change later on in the day. in aquatic park, jackie ward, kpix 5. rent is skyrocketing in california but a hearing on a bill shelved last year could make it easier for people to find rent controlled housing now. allen martin joins us from the newsroom. the sharing still going on. what's the update? >> reporter: hundreds of
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housing activists and pro-rent control tenants flooded the state capital today. both sides getting to speak about their cause. assembly bill 1506 also known as costa hawkins would clear the way for california cities and counties to strengthen local rent control measures. now, tenants are trying to repeal the law which sets tight limits on rent control. on the other hand opponents say restricting the amount landlords are allowed to raise rent actually leads to higher housing costs. >> renters should know that this is going to impact them in a bad way, not in a good way. because what will end up happening is there will be less rentals. >> it's one of the gems of california. this is an institution world- renowned and a lot of students don't come to cal not because they can't afford the tuition, not because they didn't have the grades, they can't afford to live there. >> reporter: the california
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apartment association says repealing the law would bring new construction to a standstill. the bill must pass committee today to make it to the assembly floor by the end of the month and even if the bill clears the assembly it will face a tough hurdle in the senate. >> thank you. it's an end of an era. this morning, crews demolished the last remaining home on an ee rosing pacific cliffside on esplanade avenue in pacifica. kpix 5's jessica flores on the heartbreaking good-bye for the owner. >> reporter: with the ocean waves crashing below, the little yellow house on esplanade lane took its last stand. >> my heart broke on january the 12th when we came back and looked down and saw the ocean under the house. that was the beginning of that. >> reporter: january 2016. it marketed the start of a journey to save her home from
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the crumbling pacifica cliffside. now january 2018, the end of what was the last surviving home here. [ demolishing ] >> reporter: in 1998 storms eroded the cliffs and caused storms to crash into the beach below. still she took a home, fixed up her home a decade ago and had crews lift the foundation moving it 20 feet way from the edge. >> we wanted it for the view and for the adventure of making it our house. we made it our home. that was the -- the fun of it. >> reporter: but there were other plans for the 69-year-old property. with strong storms continuing to wash away the cliffside, the city deemed the home unsafe, acquired it and is now demolishing it. today mcconnell and her husband are saying good-bye to their home but holding onto the memories made there. >> the memories that are happy, even though this is sad, it will be different tonight when it gets dark and i'm thinking about it. so --
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>> reporter: and the home that began with an unobstructed view of the pacific would end there, as well. this property will now be part of the overlook and the former owners are happy that this view is one everyone now can share. reporting in pacifica, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. san francisco's four barrels coffee is rebranding. it's been nearly a week since eight women accused its founder of sexual misconduct. now that the name has a bad association four barrels will now be an employee-owned company under a new temporary name, the tide. a campaign to recall judge aaron persky turned in its petition today five weeks earlier than the deadline. the judge is accused of giving a former stanford athlete convicted of sexual assault too lenient of a sentence. kpix 5's anne makovec has the judge's response on this issue. >> reporter: the group behind the plan to recall judge aaron
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persky marched boxes of signatures into the santa clara county registrar of voters office this morning with a goal of getting a measure on the ballot in june. >> couldn't sleep last night! i was so excited!! [ laughter ] >> reporter: aaron persky is the santa clara county judge who in 2016 sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to 6 months in jail for three felony convictions of sexual assault of an unconscious woman outside a frat party on campus. >> women are standing up and refusing to accept the normalization of harassment and abuse by privileged men. >> reporter: organizers say they have gathered almost 100,000 voter signatures well over the 58,000 they need. the registrar's office now has 30 days to certify the petition. >> what we heard over and over again is that voters no longer trust judge persky in cases involving violence against women. >> reporter: a website against the recall effort contains a statement attributed to the judge that said, i am required to consider both sides.
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california law requires every judge to consider rehabilitation and probation for first time offenders. it's not always popular but it's law. and i took an oath to follow it without regard to public opinion or any personal opinions i might have as a former prosecutor. >> it's time for him to leave the bench and we hope to accomplish that in june. >> reporter: if judge persky were to be recalled, it would be the first ever recall of a santa clara county judge the third in california history. in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. it's still not clear when san francisco's board of supervisors will vote to select an interim mayor. board president london breed is acting mayor of san francisco since ed lee died. she is now running in a june special election to serve the rest of his term and the idea is to have an interim mayor with no stake in the election. more pot shops in san
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francisco are officially selling recreational marijuana. among them, the apothecarium marina. it had its ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning. recreational marijuana became legal january 1st but it took some extra time for some locations to get the necessary permits and licenses. today a new report shows that legalizing marijuana nationwide would create $132 billion in tax revenue between 2017 and 2025. and more than a million new jobs. it's unlikely marijuana will become legal nationwide. .s. attorney general jeff sessions recently rescinded an obama-era policy that had allowed marijuana to be sold without federal prosecution. it's a race against time. hundreds of emergency workers continuing to search through homes, cars and streets filled with mud and debris searching for signs of life in southern california. santa barbara county officials say at this hour that 17 people are dead, 8 still missing. in l.a. county new video showing the
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intensity of the floods. a prius was swept a basin gave way and much of highway 101 the main road between los angeles and santa barbara is buried under several feet of dirt. in the bay area debris removal to clean up the mess left behind by the wine country wildfires might be delayed. the feds had award today with contracts to burlingame companies to finish up the rest of the fire clean-up. but a florida-based disaster recovery and special environmental services contract store challenging them. as of tuesday, debris removal in napa, sonoma, mendocino and lake counties was 43% complete. turning to our healthwatch, officials are urging people to get a flu vaccine. the virus is causing deaths and hospitalizations across the country. more than 100 people have died so far this season. and at least 10 of those cases happened here in the bay area. a flu diagnosis is serious for babies and the elderly, of course. and doctors say that the strain currently spreading, the h3n2,
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tends to be more severe. >> it's hard to say but it's possible that people got together during the winter holidays so with all those folks getting together they transmit it and send it to others. >> the flu vaccine is about 10% helpful. but it may help with simple symptoms. people who carry cash, there's a group who strongly opposes the shift to plastic only for payment. >> this might look like the arctic but it's above parts of the united states. >> the sun may be trying to break through the cloud cover. we haven't seen it all morning. we'll have the visibility after a foggy start to the day. also, what it means for us as high pressure heads towards california. cbs eye on the community...
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accepting cash payments -- it's credit and debit cards only. kenneth craig found out why an increasing number of ing the swit more businesses are no longer accepting cash payments. it's credit and debit cards only. kenneth craig found out why an increasing number of establishments are making the switch and the efforts under way to ban the trend from become the future. >> reporter: there's an open secret to keeping the line moving at busy new york city lunch spots two forks and the owner has no problem sharing it. >> with every cash transaction, the payment process was slowing down significantly. >> reporter: so cash is now off limits at this casual restaurant. it's plastic only and most customers seem to be embracing the switch. >> i never have cash on me. i always have my card on me. so for me, it's pretty much easier. >> reporter: from coffee shops to larger restaurant chains, more businesses are now banning
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bills. proponents say eliminating hard currency is not only faster but it also reduces the risk of robberies. but not everyone is buying into it. opponents say these kind of places discriminate against people without cards who may be on low income and in some places efforts are under way to ban businesses from banning cash. >> not everybody has plastic. >> reporter: a chicago lawmaker is pushing the city council to make it illegal. in massachusetts, it already is. a recent survey found only 11% of americans choose cash as their preferred form of payment. >> i don't use cash. actually seems strange to use cash. >> reporter: at this taqueria the owners say they rarely have to turn away cash-loyal customers. >> that's where everything is going. i know china is basically there already, india is halfway there. a lot of places in europe are mostly cashless. >> reporter: they are ready to cash in on a cashless future. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. just how cold has it been
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on the east coast? check out these dramatic photos taken from space. you can see the frigid water caused ice to form in rivers and bays in new england in the last knew weeks. some areas didn't see temperatures above freezing. that's why we live here. >> i should never complain about being cold here. >> all we had today was fog and it was kind of depressing but now the sun is coming out and this is what we enjoy in california. a live look at san jose, definitely starting tosses those blue skies a welcome sight after such a gray start of the day. here's another view of the bay right now. a lot clearer than what we saw earlier. there's low clouds in lingering spots and it's going to have fog again tonight and drizzle in the north bay this afternoon which i'll show you in the futurecast but let's talk about that visibility right now. some areas still seeing some
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spotty foggy conditions. half moon bay, two-mile visibility right now. sfo, down to 8. nine at hayward. usually at this noon hour, it is nice and clear all over. but that's not so much the case. santa rosa, petaluma, it's a lot better than this morning where we were below a mile visibility. here's our hi-def doppler right now seeing a bit of moisture across tahoe and it is cool enough to cause some snow flurries down there especially along 50 and it looks like there's some rain coming down well could the north. so by eureka, the california- oregon border but the futurecast showing there's a chance that some of that storm action will come through the sonoma county area, bringing us a little chance of light rain showers through santa rosa, napa, perhaps. but most of the bay area will be clear by this afternoon so that sun is going to work through the cloud coverage and we'll continue to see clear skies later on today. beach hazard statement in effect today until 8:00 tonight from sonoma to monterey. anywhere along those northwest- facing beaches. 8 to 10-foot swells, every 17
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to 20 seconds. rip currents and sneaker waves likely. here's a live look at ocean beach where the waves are big. the weather service warning people not to turn their back on the ocean. temperatures now 59 in concord. oakland 55 degrees. and highs today will be very similar to right now. upper 50s, low 60s. so let me hop over to that seven-day forecast and show you what's in store for the weekend. yeah, we're looking ahead to the weekend but first, a foggy friday, then sunshine for the rest of your friday. saturday into sunday. some clouds roll in monday. monday night to tuesday will be our next chance of rain and then possibly late next week thursday we could see another big storm but the weekend is going to be awesome. >> i love that sunshine there. >> looks good to me. thanks, neda. coming up our jefferson award winner is a source of support for others. how she has made a big difference for people living on the streets.
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population, but has nearly 18 percent of the county's homeless, according to last year's homeless count. as sharon chin reports, this pacifica represents 5% of santa clara county's population but has 18% of the county's homeless. as sharon chin reports, this week's jefferson award winner is making a big difference serving those living on the streets. >> reporter: cristina has been homeless for two years. >> during the nights is really hard. it gets really cold. >> reporter: she relies on the food pantry at the pacifica resource center, that executive
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director anita rees expanded to serve up to 400 people a month. >> you can't find somebody with more heart than her. she is a miracle. >> reporter: the 44-year-old pacifica resource center has grown its donor base under her leadership, become its own independent nonprofit and added services to help one in ten homeless and low-income families in the city. >> sometimes folks come in feeling hopeless and helpless and leave feeling like they have support from somebody. >> reporter: with anita at the helm since 2010, the center has added a new computer lab to search for jobs and housing, free tax preparation and financial coaching. a matching funds program encourages clients to save money. and they can leave clean and confident through the county's first and only homeless shower room. >> it's a lift to us. like we can put our head up high. >> reporter: once a young single mother on welfare, anita worked hard and became the
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first in her family to earn a college degree. now she brings empathy and support to help others achieve their dreams. she even slept in her car with other homeless participants as part of a pilot shelter program. the board vice president chris hunter. >> she can talk with people and they trust her and they know that she's doing the very best that she can to assist them. >> reporter: so for transforming the pacifica resource center to better serve its homeless and low income population, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to anita rees. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back.
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and i got a chance to speak to grammy-winner eve...about how everything is going so far. take the show the talk debuted its new host in november and i got a chance to speak to her about how everything is going so far. >> eve, i was so excited when you were announced as the new host of the talk. i think that you're such a great addition to it. >> thank you. >> you have been doing it for a couple of weeks now. >> thank you. >> what, like a month or two? >> almost two months now. >> about a month. >> more than a month. >> yeah. like a little over a month, yeah. >> yeah. so what's it been like so far? >> i think every woman at that table has a respect for each other and i think, you know, it's not about having the same opinion. it's not about having the same opinion as everyone else. you can have differences but it's about that respect level. >> you can catchy and the
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ladies of "the talk" today from 1 to 2 p.m. right here on cbs. a bay area garlic farm roasted in a netflix documentary accused of selling garlic peeled by chinese prisoner. tonight at 5:00 the story and more. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. you need a sweater out there, right? >> yes. it's cool and the sun is out. >> thank you. >> loving this shot. our next newscast is at 5:00. have a great day. ♪[ music ] [piano playing slow tune]
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♪ >> wyatt: you and steffy? how could you do that to liam? >> bill: my intention was not to to do anything to liam. i thought their marriage was over. i told you that, wyatt! >> wyatt: yeah, well, it's done now, thanks to you! >> bill: if i could go back and change what happened, i would. but i can't. i made a bad decision, but i'm not walking away. i'll take every bullet that comes at me. for the sake of that baby... i'm going to fight for liam and steffy's marriage. >> wyatt: i hate to say it... it might be too late for that. >> sally: look, i know i shouldn't have followed you here. i'm sorry.


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